RIóN M&A was founded in 1990 to understand and address the specific M&A needs of Mexican family companies.

Today, we give M&A advisory to both family and corporate companies in Mexico and around the world, collaborating closely with our partners in Global M&A. RIóN is known throughout the region for our access to decision makers in the business and finance communities as well as our partnership with M&A firms all over the world. More than two thirds of our closed deals have matched Mexican family companies with corporations, and one third has included participants from outside Mexico.

Our culture is straightforward: No M&A advice of quality has ever been provided by only thinking of fees.

Therefore, we set clear, value adding rules of engagement:

We prefer to hold back the process forfeiting any fees if we view the transaction will not resonate with initially set expectances.

We will take the company and the family safely out of the transaction again, should circumstances change during the transaction and we consider it no longer a value adding strategy.

We care strongly about our culture. And we work hard to maintain it.

At RIóN, your ideas and work will have real impact. We never put a fresh, valid perspective in the closet — a good idea is to be run with.